The idea with the Teabrewer is to offer FREEDOM to enjoy a gourmet tea experience regardless of place and situation. The Teabrewer is an amazing and tasty treat that can be enjoyed at home, when travelling, at work, at university, on holiday, when you are outdoor etc. Said in other words: The perfect ZEN-moment during a busy day!

The dilemma


A busy lifestyle often involves a compromise when it comes to the quality of what you eat and drink. For tea-lovers it can be problematic to get a gourmet QUALITY during the course of a busy day.The CONVENIENT compromise is often a poor cup of tea-bag tea.

The solution


Our solution is innovative and quite extraordinary.

We offer the rich quality and taste known from super premium whole leaf infusion tea brewed in a teapot, but with the same convenience as a teabag.


Super premium whole leaf infusion tea
versus “teabag” tea

Most people have no idea about the huge quality difference between premium whole leaf infusion tea and ordinary “teabag” tea. To real tea-lovers, comparing whole leaf infusion tea with “teabag” tea – is much the same as comparing premium specialty coffee with “instant coffee”.

The Teabrewer concept is exclusively based on super premium whole leaf infusion teas. As an example, our fruit tea contains real dried berries and/or fruits. Our herbal tea contains real natural herbs, spices, vegetables etc.

(NB: The tea examples are illustrated in real size / comparable proportions)


EXCELLENT “teapot” infusion


What’s the difference?

Brewing a cup of tea with a teabag and brewing a cup of whole leaf tea in a teapot is fundamentally different. A teabag and it’s content has first and foremost been designed to offer convenience.

The tea used in a teabag has been heavily flavored to deliver taste instantly.

The tea is kind of “micro-grounded” into small bits in order to fit into the small teabag and to deliver taste in an instant, a bit like instant coffee.

Game changing innovation!

The principle of brewing tea in the Teabrewer is exactly like brewing tea in a teapot.


The tea in a teabag is “confined” in a small compartment and the hot water will not have an efficient and direct contact with the tea material. Therefore, there is no chance that it will effectively be able to wash-out/extract enough natural flavor from natural tea, wherefore the tea has to be flavoured.

The principle of brewing tea in the Teabrewer is basically like brewing tea in a teapot.

The brewing principle in the Teabrewer is to ensure 100% direct contact between the hot water and the whole leaf tea.

This allows for a natural and effective steeping of the whole leaf tea. In other words, the perfect INFUSION process.

TIP: When you have served the first cup, you will stop the brewing proces as the remaining tea/water will be below the filter with the whole leaf tea. Thus, this will ensure that it doesn’t turn bitter.







Amazing Ice tea!

Enjoy our fruit and herbal teas as ice tea, they are pretty amazing!


ORGANIC & NATURAL / NO artificial flavorings / NO sugar, NO sweetener

Just, open, brew & serve


The Teabrewer is reusable!

The Teabrewer is reusable in multiple ways. You can brew 2 to 4 times on the same tea, depending on the variant. See instructions on backside label. Hereafter you can empty out the used tea-material, rinse the filter and refill with your own whole leaf tea. It is recommendable to let the bag dry out before refilling.The Teabrewer is made from paper that is coated with a PE foil on the inside. Basically it’s the same principle as a milk carton. The packaging contains no aluminium and has been designed with the utmost respect for our environment.



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